Jessica Heide holds a Bachelors of Science in biology from the University of Washington, where she also earned her certification in Natural Science Illustration. She has experience working with a variety of mediums including colored pencil, watercolor, gouache, and oil paints. However, she enjoys the clean simplicity of black and white ink and graphite illustrations.

Jessica finds her greatest inspiration in marine wildlife. She is inspired most by species of the deep sea due to their bizarre shapes, colors and adaptations evolved to survive such a unique environment.

Jessica loves to feed her curiosity by exploring, from her trips around the world to her time spent under the water SCUBA diving. These provide an abundance of inspiration. She hopes her work will inspire others to explore their world.

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This little guy, pictured to the left, is a pufferfish (Torquigener sp., Tetraodontidae). When he is looking to court a female he builds a nest in the sand to attract her. Unbeknownst to him, these patterns happen to be very beautiful and interesting to us humans too.

I chose to make my logo based off of this pattern because it inspires me that such a small creature can make something so extraordinary whose beauty bridges the gap between species. I am particularly fond of marine life and hope to share it with everyone else through my art.

p.s. The logo is still a work in progress, this is only the first version.

Jessica Heide Illustrations